Online Tools That Save Time

Online Tools That Save Time

Online tools that save time with tasks such as save emails and attachments are crucial to boosting productivity. They can help reduce distractions, such as social media or YouTube, organize your inbox and track expenses. Evernote Evernote can be useful for organising and taking notes, whether you’re a student or a business person. Evernote has

Online tools that save time with tasks such as save emails and attachments are crucial to boosting productivity. They can help reduce distractions, such as social media or YouTube, organize your inbox and track expenses.


Evernote can be useful for organising and taking notes, whether you’re a student or a business person. Evernote has a large collection of templates which can be customized to suit your needs. You can search your notes using keywords, and you can create tags and stacks of notebooks to further organize the content.

save emails and attachments

The app also helps you keep track important events in your calendar and has integrations for Google Drive, Slack and Salesforce. This feature can save you time by reducing the number of apps you have to switch between to get the job done. It also improves your focus by eliminating distractions.

Evernote users can add tasks, calendar events, and camera photos to their notes in addition to traditional text notes. They can also add tables, dividers, audio, sketches, and even Google Drive files without leaving the note. You can even share the notes with others by creating a link. Evernote’s search feature is impressive. It also allows you to scan PDF files for readable text.


Slack, a collaboration tool, brings together all of the tools and information for your team into one place. It is available on desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to use wherever you are.

Unlike overflowing email inboxes, Slack lets teams communicate directly and collaboratively. This saves both time and frustration. Teams can organize conversation into channels by project, team or topic. They can also add apps to help them work more efficiently. For example, the Lunch Bot can automatically order food during a team break.

The tool also has keyboard shortcuts that allow users to quickly format text, navigate channels and threads, set their status, and send reminders. Some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts include /dnd for a custom time period, /remind to set a reminder, and /invite@user to invite new members into a channel.

Slack allows teams to integrate other apps easily to streamline processes with partners externally. Modern Animal, for instance, uses Workflow Builder to automate tasks with partners, such coordinating meeting and accessing documents.


Calendly is a simple-to-use software that automates meeting bookings. The tool integrates with your personal calendar and suggests meeting times that are convenient to both you and anyone else who wants to schedule one. You can save time and effort by focusing on the most important meetings. You can also customize how your calendar looks.

You can connect multiple calendars to Calendly, which allows you to guarantee that you won’t get double-booked for personal or professional events. It’s possible to create different calendars based on the Event Types, allowing you prioritise certain types of meetings.

Calendly’s automatic routing feature lets you ask qualifying queries that help it route your clients to the best team member for their needs. This saves time by calculating manually which team member is available to work each client. There are many possible reasons why a time slot is not available. These include already booked events on your connected Calendars or conflicts in the settings for each Event type.


IFTTT, a free mobile app and web service, allows users to automate online tasks. It also boosts productivity. The name IFTTT comes from the conditional programming statement “if this, then that”. Users can use IFTTT to link devices and apps together to create powerful automated processes.

Each automation, called an applet, consists of two parts: a trigger and an action. Triggers are events, such as a Gmail new email or Instagram photo upload. Actions can be anything from forwarding emails to another account to saving an image to cloud storage. There are hundreds to choose from but users can create their own.

IFTTT lets users create automatic workflows to connect their favorite services and tools, saving them time. IFTTT, for example, can help users manage their work schedules by automatically creating Todoist tasks for each new event on Calendar or synchronizing weight measurements between their Fitbit and Withings scale. IFTTT does not require any coding skills or complex API integrations.


Folio is an online tool that saves time and organizes your email by scanning your inbox for project-related emails. It then automatically sorts them into separate categories, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. It also helps you prioritize your work and improve productivity.

The Inventory application stores data on bibliographic holdings and items in the FOLIO system. This data can be imported or stored in FOLIO. Data from Inventory also integrates with other applications like Orders, Check in/Check out, and Requests.

You can delete calendars in All Calendars, but note that deleting a calendar will not remove any existing reservations that have this date. Before deleting any calendars you should review your calendar and your service point assignments. This will prevent gaps in service coverage.

The Folio Options page allows you to add additional lines of text to appear on a printed Folio if you have CASHIERING> ADDITIONAL TEXT set to Y. This is helpful when printing an interim or advance bill.


Boomerang, unlike some parental monitoring services which are so stuffed with options that they are rarely used, is relatively simple. Its web dashboard looks modern and its card-like organization feels snappy. It lists each child device, showing status information and allowing parents to launch a Family Messenger chat. Boomerang has a mode called “Time-Out”, which blocks access to devices for a specified time.

In addition to bringing back emails that were sent too late, the app allows users to schedule reminders for events and tasks. A user could, for example, create an email to remind them to update Salesforce each quarter or check in on a client the first day of every month.

Similar to the Australian throwing tool named after it, Boomerang captures a burst of images and saves them as a video loop. The video can be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. It is easier to create a video than a traditional one, and it’s more appealing than a static image. Boomerang saves time and can improve productivity. Employees who “boomerange” into a different role experience a much faster learning curve than those who are new.


All business owners and accountants are aware of how time-consuming it can be to track and report expenses. The tedious task of calculating expenses, tracking mileage and filling in reports can be stressful. Expensify automates the expense management process to save business owners time and money. The software also provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for employees.

Expensify automatically categorizes and codes receipts. This results in a clean report, ready for review or reimbursement. It allows companies to connect easily to their accounting system for a complete picture of company spending. Expensify comes in web and mobile versions and offers a robust set of tools, making it perfect for businesses of any size. The corporate Control version includes advanced policy enforcement, corporate cards reconciliation, and a customizable workflow with multiple stages.

The software helps businesses with many other tasks, such as tracking miles, creating a budget, and booking flights. It integrates with other financial apps such as Quickbooks, Xero, and NetSuite. Gabi is an editor and writer based in San Francisco who works for Expensify. She has a cute little baby and 32 houseplants. She enjoys warm cups chai, vegetable soup and a bowl of veggie soup.


Timely is comprehensive time tracking software that monitors the performance of workers minute by minute. Its data helps businesses improve project estimation and billing accuracy. It increases accountability and transparency. The suite’s granular time tracking allows for needle-like precision and helps businesses narrowly hone in on time-hogging bottlenecks.

Users can also save time by setting padding times for various services. When clients book online, they will only see available slots. This allows for businesses to avoid having to reschedule appointments because of unavailable spaces.

Timely can also save businesses money through the elimination of redundant manual tasks. It can automate tasks such as the creation and transmission of client consultations, which saves businesses time. The software can also save time by automatically tracking hours and work activity. This allows businesses to avoid spending extra time on administrative tasks, such as calculating billable hours. The software can save businesses money as it reduces overhead expenses.

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